"Wisdom Keeper" retreat playshop with happy participants
Patty designs classes that encourage women and girls to play with art materials while getting to know themselves and what they want to create in their own lives. She lovingly guides women and girls to explore their deep truths and express themselves on the canvas, all with mindful awareness. This is not about being a great artist, it's about experimenting and playing with the healing aspects of creating with our own two hands.

Previous Class: Muse of Delight 

"I was incredibly inspired by Patty Iammatteo's Intentional Creativity Class, The Wisdom Keeper. She guided our small group to explore personal topics of our choosing. The process involved so many steps, including guided imagery, sensory exploration, bonding, reflection, blessings, symbolism, breathing, painting, and more reflection.

She made it comfortable to share as much or as little as each participant chose. We had a varied group of topics, personalities, and outcomes. It felt as though each woman grew in the ways she most needed at that time.

And the products were fabulous fun! I would encourage all women to enjoy this delightful experience."

Becky L.

"Patty is such a loving and accepting soul. She embraces her creativity and encourages you to grow in your own creative ways. She is a great teacher and gently guides you on your own journey."

Diane G.

"Patty is a thoughtful, sensitive, and skillful teacher. She is attentive, caring, and has a great balance between instruction and space for her students to express. A++ teacher!"

Vicki B.

"Patty's teaching style is warm and encouraging. She is skilled in giving instruction and leading the students to clarification of how they want to express their heart. I loved the incorporation of movement, poetry and music. It really helped to set the tone. I came away with more clarity in my heart."

Colleen Z.

"Patty was so welcoming and kind. Her wisdom reaches far beyond this class. I can't wait to learn more from her!"

Leigh B.

"I really enjoyed this class and got so much out of it. I learned new art skills and got a lot of inner guidance from my inner wise witchy woman drawing. I really enjoyed learning the witch’s dance and dancing with others at the end. 
Patty is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend her courses and can’t wait to take more in the future."

Tricia Dietrich -Artist, Creativity Coach