Patty Iammatteo, Mindful Art Practices
Welcome, Friends! I'm Patty Iammatteo, a Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher and a licensed Occupational Therapist. I have been a teacher and a coach in many capacities over the years and have always supported women and children. I'm so glad you are interested in learning more about how exercising your creativity muscle is an opportunity to feel the joy of creating while fostering personal growth and understanding. Intentional Creativity® is a mindful art practice that is perfect for those who are curious and want to investigate their personal beliefs, limiting stories, and move toward what we truly want to create in our lives. You do not have to identify as artistic or creative to benefit. In this work, we examine what notions we hold that may be holding us back from creating and living the life we truly wish was ours. We then make a plan and take steps towards that new intention by using art processes on paper or canvas that can to help us to take those next steps in our "real" lives. You get to practice "courage on the canvas" before taking action in the world. Even those who perceive themselves as artistically hopeless can be very successful! It's not about creating "great art." It's about personal process.

Most of my courses are open to all who identify as women and girls. Some of my courses are open to men and boys as well. Within my courses, we will:
• Encourage one another in a safe and supportive setting
• Use mindful artistic practices, movement, journaling, and guided meditation to  explore our inner selves
• Set intentions about what we wish to learn, create, or release in our lives during the artistic journey
• Learn to tune in to and trust our intuition not only in creating our art, but also in life
It is amazing how our painting journeys mirror our lives. The kinds of issues and habits we have about decision-making, perfectionism, boundaries, our perceptions about ourselves... these always show up on the canvas. When we process these issues on the canvas, we get a chance to practice working through our fear and taking next steps in the completely safe context of the painting. Although this is a serious practice, I absolutely believe in taking a playful and joyful approach to the creative process!

I will guide you step by step throughout the process. You will create art that is completely personal to you and your intentions. It is a powerful way to explore, transform old hurts, and develop resilience.

I'm excited to meet you and explore the world of mindful creativity and how it can empower you in your life. I offer courses for groups or individual sessions for those seeking a more personal experience. Online and in-person sessions are available. I am also available for your retreat to lead women's circles and Intentional Creativity painting classes. If you have a group of 4 or more women and girls, we can cook something up to meet your needs.

I am happy to accept commissioned work, such as a painting or wall mural. Let me know if I can create something personal just for you! 

Please visit my gallery page to see some examples of my original work. Original art is for sale. Soon, prints will be available. Stay tuned for my new course offerings and art for sale...